Disaster Response to Hurricane Harvey

September 3, 2017

Team charitize.click in partnership with Austin Christian Fellowship is working on recovering the city of Port Aransas as Disaster Response Team. Port Aransas is a small fisherman town on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico famous for fishing, which became the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey. Read about the current situation in the city and our trip there from the notes of charitize.click’s CEO, Denis Larionov.

The town is in ruins. Boats can be found right on the streets, sometimes on top of palm trees and house roofs. Debris is everywhere, and the heat is awful as if nature is trying to dry out everything all around after bringing down 15 inches of water in this small town.

On our way to Port Aransas we slept in a truck, and, to be honest, it was my first time sleeping in a trunk under the stars. Fortunately, the next day we were taken in by Ryan, who let us stay in his huge beach house in Corpus Christi. He opened the doors of his house to volunteers, and around 20 people, I believe, were able to take a shower and sleep at his house with an A/C. Here it’s especially important because Port Aransas didn’t have electricity or water. A great company gathered there. We met a lot of amazing people.

Extremely hot. People evacuated quickly, and all the food was left in fridges. We cleaned two of those fridges, which had fish and shrimp in them. Terrible smell. During our break we stumbled upon a huge “alligator”. Luckily, nothing tragic happened, and we were able to return to work. 😁

There is a lot of flags in town. Many businesses arrived, started to cook and give away food and water. Nice to see how people organize to help, church and local community at work. I can see tents in the town where people donate portable generators, water, containers, and food. When we worked at the store, people just arrived and joined our efforts.

After two days in Port Aransas, we managed to clean up a certain business. The business, unfortunately, will be closing down. The hurricane destroyed the roof of the building, 15 inches of water flooded everything surrounding it. We saved all merchandise that we could.

Denis also keeps posting actual information at his LinkedIn page.