Founder Institute Graduation

April 12, 2017

Today we are graduating from Founder Institute. We think it was a right decision to participate in the program. While we have 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and had two exits on the Russian market, Founder Institute turned out to be a fast way to dive in to the U.S. market for us. We’ve got an excellent experience and practical knowledge of the American startup culture. It’s wonderful that we’ve confirmed the value of our overseas experience. We’re inspired and believe that we’ll build our business here.

We desperately needed the networking, and we found good friends – our peers, and also a way to the market through our mentors. The program was very intensive, and the fact that we were already incorporated in the U.S. was very helpful.

Our previous companies all were bootstrapped, and therefore pitching was our weakest point. We believe Founder Institute helped us a lot to improve this ability. It provided us with the extremely fast template to test an idea. The program covers all steps from an idea to MPV to the first customer. All materials are fit in 3 months. And this is fast. Founder Institute really helps to start your business from a fuzzy idea to the real company.