Disaster Response to Hurricane Harvey

Team in partnership with Austin Christian Fellowship is working on recovering the city of Port Aransas as Disaster Response Team. Port Aransas is a small fisherman town on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico famous for fishing, which became the epicenter of Hurricane Harvey.

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The world’s first ICO Hypethon was held in Saint-Petersburg, Russia in August. Many notable speakers such as John Matonis (Bitcoin Foundation), Eyal Hertzog (Bancor), Eric Benz (Cryptopay), Sasha Ivanov (Waves Platform) and Charles Xue (Billionaire VC) discussed the current state and the future of Bitcoin, blockchain* and ICOs (or tokensales).

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Founder Institute Graduation

Today we are graduating from Founder Institute. We think it was a right decision to participate in the program. While we have 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and had two exits on the Russian market, Founder Institute turned out to be a fast way to dive in to the U.S. market for us. We’ve got an excellent experience and practical knowledge of the American startup culture. It’s wonderful that we’ve confirmed the value of our overseas experience.

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